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Stefan Farsky
Stefan Farsky
Chairman of Slovak League against Hypertension & Cardiology., Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin

Cardiologist with special interest in cardiovascular prevention and hypertension. Fellow of European Society of Cardiology since 1991. National Fellow of the Specialist Certification of Obesity Professionals in Europe (EASO) since 2005 . Chairman of Slovak League against Hypertension since 1997, committee member of Slovak Hypertension Society, long-term committee member, vicepresident and honorary member of Slovak Society of Cardiology, now the chairman of the working group for cardiovascular rehabilitation. 25 years acting as a lecturer and cardiologist in Faculty Hospital in Martin, Slovakia, in 1991-1993 vicedean of Jessenius Medical Faculty Comenius University in Martin. In 1995-1997 head of cardiology dept. at Cardiocentrum Roosevelt´s hospital in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Founder and head of Dom srdca in Martin since 1997 (coupling of cardiorestaurant and cardiofitness with dept. of cardiology for out-patients). Author of books „Pocket ECG“ and „Nuclear cardiology“, author of social game for reaching optimal weight „CALORIES“. Head of consultants for common World Bank and Slovak Ministry of Health Project „Analysis of optional ways of preventative health financing“ in 2001. Editorial boards member of Slovak journals: Vaskularna medicina, Via practica, till 2008 Czech journal Cor et Vasa too. In Martin, Slovakia, August 17th, 2018

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